Leading Innovation

Leading innovation

AVMI is a leader in technical innovation. Our many years of experience designing and integrating audio visual solutions means we understand everyday business challenges and are at the cutting edge of technological developments that help solve these. Through this industry insight our team of developers are constantly striving to be one step ahead, designing and building our own standard collaboration solutions, as well as products that address real world public sector requirements.

Through our own product innovations we aim to increase customer choice and improve the quality and effectiveness of leading edge technology designs that are available.

Outside Broadcasting (Obwan)

Revolutionising mobile broadcast

Developed by AVMI, the OBWAN system (Outside Broadcast Wide Area Network) is a standalone mobile broadcast solution, designed specifically to allow 1st responders to easily provide live video links from the field by utilising any of the available networks, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet WAN and VSAT.

OBWAN is not however limited to providing live video links, it can also provide ad-hoc internet connectivity in the field to any IP enabled device, either via its Wi-Fi access point or via a hard wired Ethernet connection.

Utilising the 256k AES encrypted tunnel, it is also possible to connect your devices back to the data centre, providing full two way IP connectivity between your office and the unit in the field. Simple to use, a single power button activates the unit and it is extremely mobile at only 10kg in weight.

Each OBWAN mobile unit can service up to 4 cameras and 10 IP clients with performance dependant on available bandwidth.