Banking & Finance

AV solutions that work hard in a time critical, global environment

AVMI understands the time critical, globalised nature of the banking and finance sector and can deliver high performance solutions that offer a competitive edge in an environment where real time communication is essential for success.

AVMI can deliver:

  • A professional understanding of the needs of the sector
  • Global coverage through our extensive international partner network
  • An ability to help you to adapt to market globalisation, offering international standardisation
  • The experience of helping clients in this sector achieve a competitive advantage

Information technology

AV solutions that enable IT professionals across the world to work seamlessly in a global marketplace

One of the most robust industries in the world, the IT industry is a driver of global economic growth. AVMI understands the complex needs of IT companies and can deliver comprehensive AV products and services to enable IT professionals to go the extra mile.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Over 25 years of experience working in the IT sector
  • AV solutions that enable IT companies to keep up with rapid developments in the sector and to get products to market quickly
  • An understanding that maximising collaboration is the key to success
  • A completely global solution using our extensive network of global AV companies


Delivering state-of-the-art AV solutions to the legal profession

AVMI understands that winning cases is based on the ability to convey messages precisely and convincingly; something that we have been doing successfully for years. We have an intricate understanding of the needs of the legal profession when it comes to video communications and can supply a secure, reliable network of communication solutions.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Secure, reliable networks that function across departments, sites and even countries
  • Measurable savings on travel and the related downtime
  • Real time information sharing that allows rapid, informed decision making
  • An ability to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and decrease environmental impact


Technology led solutions that are revolutionising the in-store consumer experience

AVMI understands how technology can be integrated into a retail environment to create dynamic customer communications and an engaging shopper experience. Whether you want to ensure consistent brand presence, offer dynamic price promotions or simply communicate information effectively to your customers, we can help you do this on a local or global scale.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved ambience
  • Entertaining and informative digital display
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Greater levels of interaction and engagement with customers
  • Dramatically reduced lead time for delivering campaigns
  • Elimination of the cost and waste of printed media


Inspire and inform your clients

Effective AV solutions that allow telecommunications companies to show what they do and increase productivity without the time drain and cost of travel to clients and customers.

Our sophisticated AV solutions allow telecommunications professionals to inspire and inform, enabling more rapid decision making, leading to increased sales and profitability.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Powerful, state of the art, functional communication platforms
  • Enriched in-house conference, hospitality and training resources
  • Straightforward system configuration and user friendly operation
  • An opportunity to impress clients with a seamless delivery of visual and audio information


Aiding design development, the creative process and the ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues alike

AVMI can provide and maintain anything from a single screen to a complex bespoke audio visual solution depending on the needs of the client.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Optimal screen sizes so that Architects can share intricate designs with clients
  • Video conferencing solutions to allow clients and architects to meet virtually, cutting down on travel time
  • Enriched in-house conference, hospitality and training resources
  • Informed, rapid decision making to allow projects to move faster

Construction & facilities

Delivering AV solutions that allow the construction and FM industries to work efficiently across diverse sites and locations

AVMI understands that the challenges of cross site working can sometimes slow down projects. We work with construction and FM companies to facilitate faster working, better communications and better managed employees.

AVMI can deliver:

  • Real time information to diverse sites
  • Straightforward system configuration and user friendly operation
  • Improved in house presentation, training and hospitality resources
  • Enriched visitor experiences through effective displays