Meeting spaces

Integrated AV solutions designed to put new life and energy into meeting spaces

AVMI offer an integrated suite of audio visual and video conferencing technologies that allow businesses to display information and to seamlessly connect and collaborate with clients and colleagues, anywhere.

Putting you in control

At AVMI we pride ourselves in providing AV solutions for meeting spaces that add value to business, making meetings more productive and efficient.

Our technologies are intelligent, yet intuitive; state-of-the-art, yet discrete. We put the client in control, enabling the creation of a commercial decision making space truly relevant to today’s global market.

Designed around you

We provide bespoke designs but also offer standardised meeting room environments with our own range of True Collaboration® Solutions. For further information on all our AV solutions or to discuss your own specific requirements so we can design the best system for your business, contact us today.


Setting the standard for auditoria presentation

Whatever the size of the space, AVMI has vast experience in delivering fully equipped, intelligently controlled, state of the art AV solutions for auditoria purposes.

Transforming how information is presented

Increasingly, organisations recognise that powerful AV technologies can transform the way in which information is presented.

Nowhere is this more relevant than when designing auditoria. AVMI partners with each client every step of the way to ensure that a complex technical specification is delivered on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of all, first time.

In-store environments

When it comes to the retail consumer experience, it’s not about keeping up with the Jones' – it’s about being the Jones'

We offer a full end-to-end solution including consultancy, design, installation, creative services, content delivery and on-going maintenance and support across a range of retail solutions.

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Communal areas

Improving the quality of communal environments through stunning audio visual solutions

AVMI is very experienced in helping companies and FM teams to create truly refreshing, functional communal spaces through the intelligent use of AV technology. From interactive screens to large format display technology, our solutions can be used to excite and fire the imagination of visitors, customers, clients and colleagues.

Control rooms

Professional control rooms allowing the management of building-wide av systems

For organisations with complex needs AVMI can provide an audio visual control room, designed to manage building-wide AV systems architecture and technologies.

From remote room monitoring to system control, video recording and asset management, the control and distribution of digital signage, projection and multimedia presentation, delegate voting systems and voice reinforcement, and all audio management, AVMI can help you to design a bespoke audio visual control room environment to meet the needs of the most complex sites across any business sector.

Broadcasting facilities

Professional, reliable broadcasting systems for world class media studios

For companies needing a broadcast environment, AVMI can set up and manage a sophisticated broadcasting solution.

Our set-ups can include bespoke studios, post production facilities, green room and editing suites. All of this incorporates a wide range of sophisticated AV technologies including digital display and control resources to manage and distribute videos and recordings.

Court room evidence

Transforming court room environments with ground breaking av equipment and world class support services

AVMI has been selected by the Crown Prosecution Service as the sole supplier for the rental of AV and video conferencing products in courts in England and Wales. We are also a supplier of scanning and electronic evidence preparation.

With the need for sophisticated AV equipment in court to assist with vulnerable and hard to reach witnesses, AVMI has been at the forefront, working with both police forces and the CPS to develop relevant solutions.

In addition, AVMI's technology allows many differing forms and types of evidence to be placed into an encrypted multimedia presentation which is specifically tailored towards the needs of the case. In the court environment, evidence can be accessed with ease and presented with simplicity to the jury which in turn increases interest, retention and critical understanding.

Outside Broadcasting (Obwan)

Revolutionising mobile broadcast

Developed by AVMI, the OBWAN system (Outside Broadcast Wide Area Network) is a standalone mobile broadcast solution, designed specifically to allow 1st responders to easily provide live video links from the field by utilising any of the available networks, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet WAN and VSAT.

OBWAN is not however limited to providing live video links, it can also provide ad-hoc internet connectivity in the field to any IP enabled device, either via its Wi-Fi access point or via a hard wired Ethernet connection.

Utilising the 256k AES encrypted tunnel, it is also possible to connect your devices back to the data centre, providing full two way IP connectivity between your office and the unit in the field. Simple to use, a single power button activates the unit and it is extremely mobile at only 10kg in weight.

Each OBWAN mobile unit can service up to 4 cameras and 10 IP clients with performance dependent on available bandwidth.

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Latest thinking, intelligently applied

AVMI is a specialist in combining the very latest technologies in order to provide clients with a range of audio and visual based solutions, designed to enable new and innovative ways of communicating, collaborating and working. These innovative solutions offer both tangible human benefit and business advantage.

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Built around you

AVMI is the largest AV integrator and service provider in the UK. In addition to our well established and recognised capabilities in planning and building world-class AV and video conferencing facilities, we have extensive experience in delivering a portfolio of AV services to a global customer base.

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