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AVMI Streamline

Standardising Global AV Delivery and Support

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on AV technology for the workplace and although there has been a strong trend to standardise systems, many still struggle to develop a meeting room standard that can be deployed and supported on a global basis.

Streamline is a service from AVMI that allows you to create and share standard AV technology solutions, which can be rolled out on a scalable and global basis with the assistance of our proven online toolset ("Streamline Online"). Streamline allows you to manage multiple projects, drive standardisation and enable you to handle your entire AV estate, even on a global basis.

End to end approach

Streamline is an end-to-end service framework for the design, build management and support of audio visual and collaboration technology, whether that is a single existing meeting room or a large new building project. The service includes powerful online tools to ensure superior project transparency, consistency, control and customer experience. It's all delivered by AVMI specialist project teams based out of our offices in London, New York and Hong Kong for global time zone coverage.

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management allows you to define and choose standardised modular solutions, as well as generate price books and BoMs. This allows for a consistent, resilient global approach, with no need for upfront capital investment if you use AVMI's existing catalogue.

Project Preparation

Project Preparation makes it easy to capture project data and apply the catalogue solutions to each shared workspace requirement, allowing project participants to follow the process online, and making data available for future applications.

Build Management

Build Management supports centralised and consistent project planning, system provisioning and quality assurance. It also helps to coordinate the various third-party suppliers throughout the project lifecycle.

System Support

System Support offers everything ranging from basic service desk support with engineer to site supervision, to over-the-network monitoring & alerting with remote control capabilities. This facilitates efficient management of local support resources to reduce costs, increase uptime and provides valuable management data for future projects.

Streamline Online

AVMI Streamline services are supported by a powerful online platform that has been specially developed to support a scalable, consistent, end-to-end approach for the design, delivery and support of standardised meeting spaces.

Streamline Online brings together all the necessary parties engaged in a project including project managers, integrators, IT teams, facilities management, architects and furniture contractors, which makes it easy for everyone to collaborate and see the status of work as it progresses.

Ultimately, Streamline Online changes the way in which technology solutions can be supplied and supported.

One size doesn't fit all

With our Streamline services, we have developed the processes and tool-sets that allow you to create technology standards that balance simplicity, consistency and flexibility, whilst meeting volume roll out requirements. Choose between standard, pre-built 'catalogues' (such as Cisco Project Workplace, see below) or build your own based on your existing technologies.

Cisco Project Workplace Catalogue

AVMI Streamline's systems and services make it easy for you to realise Cisco's vision for group collaboration environments on a local and global level.

Visit AVMI Streamline for Cisco Project Workplace

  • Better user experience and greater utilisation
  • See, hear and share more content to improve communication and collaboration
  • Easy to use, operate and connect content
  • Consistent experience with intuitive interface in every room type and across different locations
  • Security and regulatory acceptance
  • Global scalability through standard configurations
  • Minimise support challenges and maximise room uptime
  • Over-the-network support and monitoring
  • Ease of upgrading means future-proofed solutions
  • Standardised, proven solutions
  • Optimised use of space
  • Adaptable to varying types of work spaces
  • Flexibility around desired look and feel
  • Holistic approach considers everything from lighting to furniture integration
  • Better collaboration with designers and building contractors
  • Minimise support challenges and maximise room uptime
  • Cost savings
  • Global price agreements
  • Volume discounts via aggregation of projects
  • Transparent charging of hardware and services (AV-as-a-Service model)
  • Use preferred suppliers for hardware and local engineering
  • Avoid costs associated with multiple tenders

Key Investment Case Drivers

  • Lower cost of service provision compared to in-house and consulting alternatives
  • Lower cost for hardware made possible through the aggregation of projects
  • Lower support costs (but better service levels) due to lower equipment and room down time
  • User benefits arising from a successful implementation of good standards


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AVMI streamlines global AV for major bank

An international bank was struggling with user dissatisfaction and concerned about IT resource usage, whilst its Facilities Management division was looking to introduce guidelines on activity-based working.

AVMI developed and implemented a globally scalable standards framework for the design, application, build and support of the bank's global meeting space requirements.

Over the last year, more than 200 systems have been delivered across 14 countries in line with the bank's 'catalogue' of standard solutions and through AVMI's Streamline service framework.

Download case study
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Driving standardisation with Streamline

In recent years we have seen the AV industry change significantly with the rising demand for collaboration technology. AV businesses are under pressure to accommodate IT mainstream practices such as standards, but are also required to take into consideration the challenges that arise for facilities departments, since not all IT departments are familiar with facility requirements.

This article explains how AVMI is helping to drive standardisation as well as bridge the gap between IT and real estate with their Streamline service, which allows companies to design, deliver and support standardised audio visual technology solutions for multi-user environments, in a scalable, consistent and reliable manner.

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Options for achieving a global environment

For most companies, the increasingly global nature of their business has increased their dependency on audio visual (AV) environments – in some cases exponentially.

Consistency is a key part of achieving a successful user and support experience. The first steps to achieving this are through the creation and adoption of a global AV standard.

This whitepaper explores the importance of implementing global AV standards and provides information and insight into choosing the right approach for your organisation.

Download whitepaper

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