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Veterans Programme

, Jan 2019

Moving into a civilian career can be as challenging as it is an opportunity, at AVMI you’ll have the opportunity to put your skills to work and immediately make a difference. We hire veterans of all backgrounds, ranks and experiences for engineering roles across our projects and service departments. Right from the beginning you’ll work on projects that introduce you to the business and prepare you for your career, or you’ll be at the heart of our business, helping to provide our clients with an outstanding service.

To ensure you get the most out of our Veterans Programme, we take the time to get to know you and understand your skills before placing you in a role. Making sure you are fully equipped to succeed, we’ll help you build your product, technical and industry knowledge so that you can take your career in the right direction. We’ll assign you a mentor who has previous armed forces experience to help guide your career and ensure you make the most of the opportunities available. You’ll work one-to-one with your manager and mentor to create clear goals that are achievable, making this an excellent way to discover more about a career in the Audio Visual industry.

The programme is paid and non-rotational, it will last up to 52 weeks but depending on your skill set you could finish in a much shorter time. Training will be based in our Sunbury on Thames HQ as well as our client sites. You will also be given training to qualify as a Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®). We’re looking for candidates from the ARMY, NAVY or Air Force that have a trade in electronics, communications and Information Technology , even if you are infantry soldier or have no trade when you leave we will give you the right training to a rewarding career in the audio visual industry


Ieuan joined the British Army where he spent 4 and half year with the 5th Battalion the Rifles (5 RIFLES). 5 RIFLES is a Regular Infantry Battalion based in Bulford Camp, which consists of around 600 Riflemen who deploy from their base location on training and operations worldwide.

His first mission was in Estonia, where he was deployed on Op Cabrit 1 in 2017 for 5 months, he then spent time in the Belize Defence Force (BDF) for 2 months, as well as spending time in Germany and the United States conducting routine exercise and simulation training.

Resettlement was difficult for Ieuan as job opportunities and prospects were limited in the area where he was living, but despite the challenge of finding work, Ieuan was determined to find a career that would challenge his capability, whilst enabling him to use the skills that he had acquired in the army.

It wasn’t long after his move to (area) that he saw an ad about AVMI’s Veteran Programme in an email from The Career Transition Partnership (CTP), that he took it upon himself to find out more about the AV industry and apply for a position, which he was successful in.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI veteran programme?

If you have an interest in new technology you should definitely consider a career with AVMI.


Mike joined the Royal Navy at the age of 20 where he served in the Fleet Air Arm for 7 years as an air engineer technician and search and rescue winchman. Having worked on three squadrons (702, 815 and 825), Mike was responsible for servicing and maintaining some of the Royal Navy’s most powerful and robust helicopters, designed to be flown in extreme conditions all year round.

Mike has settled back into a civilian lifestyle easily and is finding his new life as well as his career with AVMI exciting. Resettlement was made easier for him as he started to ask other veterans about their resettlement and had already made a few connections with people in Kingston, the new area that he decided to move to.

It was at a career transition workshop that Mike found out about an AV engineering role within AVMI’s Veterans Programme. After meeting with Justin Paveley and having a tour around the Sunbury HQ, Mike knew it was a step in the right direction for his new career.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI veteran programme?

Anybody willing to learn a new and constantly evolving skill set AVMI is the place for them.


In 1985, straight after school Shaun Tunca joined the Royal Green Jackets where he went to Germany to train in preparation for an operational tour in Norther Ireland. Having served for 5 years, he left the military to travel Europe and enjoy the world cup Italia in 1990.

When Shaun re-joined the military into The Royal Signals, he joined as a Telecommunications Technician where he travelled the world using satellite communications, often being on call with 2 hours to relocate to his next destination across the globe.

Most of Shaun’s time in the forces was spent as a team leader where he was responsible for managing his colleague’s careers to ensure they were on a path to success. He also spent time in the help desk, systems control centre, installations as well as training 1st and 2nd line junior technicians in workshops.

After 23 years of serving in the Military, Shaun had reached the end of his Royal Signals career for retirement. Stumbling across the AVMI Veterans Programme, Shaun wanted to find out more after it brought back good memories of serving in the forces. Shaun began his new journey with AVMI in July 2019 and is the first retired veteran to join the scheme.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI veteran programme?

I encourage anyone looking to ease back into civilian lifestyle to consider the programme, I’m really enjoying my time and I’m excited about my future.


Adam joined the Royal Green Jackets aged 19 and went on to complete several tours of Iraq. After five years serving his country Adam decided to leave the armed forces in order to begin a new career that better fitted in with his growing family.

Adam worked a few different jobs but nothing excited him like his time in the armed forces and without any qualifications for civilian life he struggled to find a career that matched his ambitions. Adam came across the AVMI Veteran Programme on the CTP website and contacted Justin Paveley who gave him the confidence to join the programme by sharing his own story.

Adam has now started learning and developing new skills and is assisting engineers in their day to day tasks as well as working towards his CTS qualifications.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI Veterans Programme?

AVMI’s Veteran Programme is a great opportunity for any veteran to build a career in AV. All training and kit are provided. You don’t need previous industry experience, you just need to be willing to learn a new trade.


Justin joined the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment in 1996, where he spent 4 years as an infantry soldier in the British Army.

His time was mostly spent either jungle warfare training in Belize, desert warfare training in Oman, airborne brigade training in Europe as well as jumping around the UK. The highlight of his training was parachute training, especially his first jump! Having not qualified for resettlement when leaving the army, Justin struggled to find work. When he eventually found work it was with other veterans who were great mentors, making the transition from veteran to civilian a lot easier.

Justin fell into the AV industry with recommendation from a friend who had just began working at an AV company. The owners of the business were both veterans from the Navy and RAF which helped sway his decision and he hasn’t looked back since.

As Engineering Director Justin oversees one of AVMI’s largest teams in Projects, who are responsible for deploying AV/IT systems across the globe.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI Veterans Programme?

“The military pledges to never leave a soldier behind, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.” With first-hand military experience I will be able to support, mentor and relate to any veteran that wants to join our team. I am very excited and honoured to be able to give something back to those who gave so much.


Jason Turner joined the Royal Air Force in March 1988 as a Gen Tech E where he spent most of his time working in the UK before leaving in December 1997.

Having strong friendships outside of the forces and living away from base 5 years prior to leaving, made resettling easy for Jason. Luckily some of his team members had already gone through the process of leaving the forces and were always forthcoming with advice.

Playing rugby for a civilian club helped Jason expand his contact base and meet new people. One of the team’s supporters managed a technical team in an AV company and had a policy of employing service personnel, which is how he began his career in the AV industry.

Jason is a Strategic Account Director which involves looking after global IT Systems Integrators by providing strategic and consultative advice about Audio Visual and Video Managed Service solutions.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI Veterans Programme?

AVMI has the ability to help you transition to civilian life, whether you see this as a stepping stone or a future career, the Audio Visual industry and AVMI in particular will offer multiple opportunities to learn different skills, meet new people and express who you really want to be.


Glenn served with the Corps of Royal Engineers for 9 years before leaving in 2008. Based in North Yorkshire he was with 38 Engineer Regiment, part of the 19 Light Brigade.

Following his Phase 1 and Phase 2 training, Glenn qualified top of his class as a Combat Engineer. After recovering from an injury for the 9 Para Squadron R.E., he was assigned to the Recce troop where he stayed for most if his career serving in Kosovo, Canada and Iraq.

Set to pursue a career in Fibre Optics after completing a resettlement course, Glenn fell into the AV Industry. Resettlement was quite a challenge, as he had to learn a whole new trade in a very short time but fortunately the AV company he worked for at the time had a senior management team of ex-forces, which significantly helped the transition.

As the Pre-Installation Manager, he oversees the rack build, staging and testing departments.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI Veterans Programme?

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” – General George Patton

If you want to develop yourself and grow in the ever-changing digital age, take this opportunity to join the AVMI Veteran Programme! We have great mentors to help you every step of the way.


Dane served in the Royal Marine Commandos for almost 8 years. After passing his training he deployed to Afghanistan with Alpha Company 40 Commando for 6 months, and when he returned he specialised in heavy weapons where he got drafted to 30 Commando before leaving in 2017.

Since 2017 Dane has adjusted to life outside the military easily and a lot quicker than anticipated. Joining a company that had other veterans made the transition to civilian living much better as he had something in common with his new peers.

Dane started work experience with an AV company that a friend recommended to him and within this time the company offered him a permanent role as a Service Engineer. As a Service Engineer, he is responsible for visiting client sites whenever an AV systems fault or issue is reported, to ensure all issues are fixed with minimal down time.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI Veterans Programme?

AVMI strive for excellence and to be the best at what they do. Starting a career in the AV industry and with AVMI is a great opportunity and will undoubtedly open a multitude of doors for life post-military.


Terence started training in the The Royal Marine Commandos in 2010 and got drafted to 42 Commando where he did a tour of Afghanistan in 2011. Later he trained to become a signaller and was sent to HMS Bulwark where he was part of 4 Assault Squadron before ending his time in 42 commando in 2017.

Resettlement wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be, adapting to a civilian lifestyle was a smooth transition for Terence. The military provided the skills needed to adapt to different environments and situations, and he was lucky enough to move to a job straight after his military career.

Introduced to AV by his cousin, Terence started working for an AV company who had several ex-military employees and he hasn’t looked back since.

As an AV rack builder he is part of the UK’s largest on premise rack building team who build and test AV racks before they are sent to client sites.

What advice would you give to veterans wanting to join the AVMI AVMI Veterans Programme?

The programme is a great opportunity for anyone looking to resettle, it will open many doors in very little time, especially working for AVMI.