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Customer support

, Mar 2018

Report a fault

If you have experienced a fault with your equipment, please read the below information thoroughly before getting in touch with us.

Our service desk is on hand to provide you with ongoing technical support whenever you require. We will endeavour to resolve your call remotely, minimising any impact to your site.

, Mar 2018

Existing customer

If you hold a maintenance contract directly with AVMI, you may call the service desk directly on 0845 2626 202. Alternatively, you may complete the form below.

+44 (0)845 2626 202

, Mar 2018

Non-contract clients

If you do not hold a maintenance contract directly with AVMI, please fill out the form below and complete all fields, we will contact you shortly.

Without the necessary information we will be unable to progress your enquiry - this information is required to assess whether there are any charges associated with out of warranty repairs.

If we are unable to resolve your call in this manner, our service team will discuss the necessary steps with you.

Please note: you will be required to carry out system checks with our 1st line technical support team prior to your fault being passed onto the relevant manufacturer. During this exercise, you will need to be in front of the equipment so that we can confirm if the fault relates to hardware or software. We will be unable to progress your enquiry with the manufacturer without completing this exercise.