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News, Sep 2018

Focus 21 shortlisted for AVIXA 'Outstanding Contribution to the Integrated Experience' award

Focus 21 has been shortlisted for this year's AVIXA 'Outstanding Contribution Award to the Integrated Experience' at  20 year anniversary AV Awards

Incorporated in 1998 Focus 21 Visual Communications specialised in the integration and servicing of audio-visual and videoconferencing systems. AVMI acquired Focus 21 in May 2018 because of their reputation for providing clients with a superior experience, their unrivalled technical knowledge and their exemplary engineering skills.

“We are delighted to see that Focus 21 has been shortlisted for the AVIXA ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Integrated Experience’ award.  One of the key drivers for AVMI’s acquisition of Focus 21 was their outstanding track record for delivering the highest quality integrated solutions so this recognition of their work is richly deserved.”  John Masters, AVMI Global Business Development and Marketing Director

Focus 21’s highly disciplined and motivated team ensured their systems were designed and installed with the user experience in mind and were tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements. Coupled with its hire and events and maintenance services they provided and maintained solutions, allowing customers to benefit from new technologies, helping to align employees within their businesses, smoothing out processes and delivering a customer experience beyond their clients expectations.

People are crucial to our success here at AVMI and we were thrilled to welcome the Focus 21 team who earned the distinction of being the first U.K.based company to hold the AV ’Provider of Excellence’ status, a recognition program to show high quality service to customers. Under the guidance of Justin Paveley, Focus 21's Director of Projects, a major advocate of the AVIXA training methodology and certification and also one of only a handful of people nominated for this years’ ‘AV Professional of the Year’ award, they became one of the largest groups of CTS holders in the UK. Focus 21 believed that the AVIXA standards were fundamental in the success of their projects and the integrated user experience. Creating integrated experiences is what keeps clients coming back, being able to move their clients' businesses forward through new technologies supports their success and that of the AV industry as a whole.

“As an Integrator it is our job to really understand the clients’ requirements, pick the right products and deliver a solution that exceeds what the client had hoped for. The user experience comes first. We have to identify and understand what it is that we are delivering to the users, what is the intended experience and identify the technology to support it.

 No vendor can deliver a complete solution for all users’ needs. We have to be able to deploy multiple technologies, seamlessly integrating them to deliver more than our customer expected. This integrated experience not only delights the client, but us as a company. When we create something amazing everyone feels it and the experience was shared across Focus 21. We always want to walk away with that feeling of “Yes we did it”, it’s what drives us and what ensures clients continue to work with us.

 Being shortlisted for this award means so much to me both personally and also the whole team who made up Focus 21, as it acknowledges the work we have carried out over the past 20 years and shows that the industry understands the benefits of the hard work and training that is needed to create truly integrated experiences that delight customers ” Justin Paveley CTS-D CTS-I, AVMI's Engineering Director