Press, Apr 2018

Inside look at Bloomberg's new European HQ

Clive Couldwell, editor at AV Magazine explores Bloomberg's ground-breaking new European HQ in the city of London, which features the highest standards of AV throughout. To read the full article, please click here to view online or download the pdf.

AVMI was fortunate to be involved in the project, delivering a major AV installation for media giant's ‘special areas’, covering a NOC (Network Operations Centre), VIP Dining and Event Space, and 15 Training Rooms:

  • NOC – Bloomberg’s Network Operations Centre includes three Planar videowalls and an interactive 98in LCD installed to bespoke floor mounted stands/surrounds to match the aesthetics of the building’s external ‘fins’ (that open and close for natural ventilation).
  • Walbrook Dining Room – This private dining and event space is used to convene dignitaries and clients. The room has discreet, but cutting-edge AV, such as for example the Meyer Constellation voice lift system, which sports seven microphones built into lighting pendants above the central table, and 60 active speakers in the ceiling and floor. Combined, these support incredibly subtle voice lift so that anyone on the table can speak and be heard by anyone else.
  • 15 Training & Flex Rooms – These are training spaces with dual or triple 84in and 98in displays. They employ a Q-SYS voice lift system with Shure beamforming ceiling microphones so all delegates in the room can be heard during training. The spaces are a mixture of divisible and fixed rooms and are designed to train Bloomberg Terminal users, so intelligibility of the visual information and the trainers’ audio are paramount.

To read the full article, please click here to view online or download the pdf.

Image credit: Bloomberg