News, Mar 2020



We are closely monitoring the status of the Coronavirus outbreak and the potential impact this could have on our business and clients.

Up until recently, AVMI had initiated a number of measures to help it limit any potential disruption to services whilst ultimately putting our duty of care to protect employees at the centre of activities.

Subsequent to the UK Government’s announcement of the 23rd March, AVMI has decided to take the following actions, to adhere to the requirements for social distancing and ensure the safety of its customers and staff.

  • Our UK offices and workshops closed as of COB on the 24th March; no employees will be on site.
  • Suppliers will be told they can no longer deliver to AVMI Sunbury or Perth
  • Site work for Projects and Service will be limited to supporting essential services such as:
    • Government, healthcare and other essential services where the activity is deemed critical to their continued operation.
  • Critical services that have already been identified will continue for the time being but will be under constant review.
  • All employees outside of essential service locations are instructed to work from home.
    • AVMI will be using any unproductive time for admin and training updates
  • Where we have on-site support at customer locations operating essential services, we are working with these customers and operating reduced rotas with strict working regimes. The safety of both our staff and our clients’ is of the utmost importance so we are continually monitoring this situation.
  • We have stopped any of our employees’ international business travel.

To help reduce the risk of spreading the virus our staff will continue to follow the local and government guidelines on infection and prevention as detailed at:

UK Government response

UK NHS guidelines

Hong Kong Government response

Hong Kong CHP guidelines

US CDC guidelines

India Government response

World Health Organisation advice


We continue to work with our customers and suppliers with our Sales, Design, Planning, Accounts and Service Support Desk fully operational.

The status in our offices today is:

  • Sunbury-on-Thames (Head Office and Global Operations Centre), UK – Closed; Staff working from home
  • London, UK – Closed; Staff working from home
  • Perth, UK – Closed; Staff working from home
  • Dublin, Ireland – Closed; Staff working from home
  • New York, USA – Closed; Staff working from home
  • Hong Kong – Closed; Staff working from home
  • India – Closed; staff working from home

We envisage that this situation will remain for the next three weeks (up to the 13th April) but we will continue to monitor it and any Government updates. We will continue on a daily basis to publish updates if there are any further developments.

If you have any questions, please email