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News, Mar 2019

The AVMI Veterans Programme - A Platform for Success

“Leaving the Armed Forces after eight years was somewhat of a step into the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect or what was going to happen in the “civilian world”. How was I going to adapt? What would my new career be? I even worried about how it would feel being at home every day. The whole thing seemed so daunting!

After trying my hand at various roles from carpet fitting to carpentry, nothing seemed to give me the challenge and satisfaction that I had in the Royal Signals, and with a young family to support I needed to find something that would give me an income as well as a career. Luckily for me, I discovered AVMI and its new programme aimed at veterans. The scheme is designed to give ex-military personnel a chance to re-train in the Audio-Visual industry, full training is provided, and the company reassured me that they would invest in me as much as the military did. After meeting both Ed Cook the CEO of AVMI and Justin Paveley, a former member of The Parachute Regiment who runs AVMI’s Veterans Programme, I was convinced AVMI was the right fit for me.

After beginning my career at AVMI, I was amazed at how many of the skills I had gained in The Royal Signals were transferable to my new role, like being proactive and having the ability to adapt quickly and think on my feet. Even some of the more basic military skills I had gained such as good timekeeping, being well presented, having respect for others and taking responsibility, all played a part in helping me settle in. On my second day at AVMI I began my Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) I was surprise how quickly the company were prepared to start investing in me! I have already passed my QSC level 1 and will be taking my level 2 exam in March.

When I joined AVMI I was assigned two mentors, Dane Van Der Linden and Len Martin. Dane served in the Royal Marine Commandos and has been a real inspiration having completed his CTS training within 3 months, an achievement I am keen to replicate.

I'm currently working in the service team and love how every day presents a new and unique challenge, I thrive on working out how to solve and fix problems. In my role I work closely with various clients to help solve their problems, I essentially act as a front of house representative, which is quite an honour.

The AV industry is an exciting one to be in; technology doesn't stand still so you're always learning and constantly have to adapt and evolve and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.”

David Puleston