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Delivering all projects, globally, in a consistent and efficient manner by standardising project planning, implementation, supply chain management, commissioning management, asset data capture and QA regardless of who is selected to supply the hardware and installation engineering resource

Project Planning

An experienced team with dedicated commitment. The ability to plan and execute effectively. Together they have gained us an outstanding track record of successful project delivery and client satisfaction. To ensure we plan every detail of each project, we collaborate with all the parties involved in the wider design team. Working across a wide range of disciplines – from construction and facilities management to electrical and mechanical engineering – our project engineers and managers have the experience needed to think of everything. Taking a holistic view enables us to integrate and manage all elements of the technical design, while controlling and minimising the effects of any risks we uncover.

Our collaboratively-produced and comprehensive project plans underpin our successful project delivery. Our meticulously conceived and broadly documented technical design minimises any surprises and engineering changes whilst onsite.

Project Management

Having the right plan is one thing. Turning that plan into the right action is another. Our ability to implement, manage and control the whole process is critical to the success of your project.

Every implementation faces a fundamental challenge: aligning with IT technical requirements while meeting the integration requirements of working in the room – interfacing with the physical construction and furniture. In response, we have developed our Blueprint methodology. This project management approach is based on best-practice guidelines – such as ITIL, Prince 2 and Agile – plus our experience of and insights into the challenges of integrating solutions into the corporate space. Blueprint follows the five stages of a project – from inception to transitioning into a live environment – while focusing above all on quality assurance and adherence to the highest standards that our clients have come to expect of us.

Our project managers use our unique online platform to monitor and track each project. This platform also provides the wider project team with a cloud-based portal to access the latest project information, at any time. The project is always under control and our clients know they can rely on our consistent and reliable service – whatever the level of project delivered, wherever in the world we’re delivering it.


Asset management is becoming increasingly important for businesses large or small, national or international. With the lines between AV and IT becoming more and more blurred, successful estate management depends more than ever on the ability to track and monitor AV assets.

We ensure that all items are tracked and asset tagged to log critical information being imported into a remote management or estate management solution, or just to have a concise log of the hardware to be installed. Itemisation, IT configuration and procurement/warranty information is all collated and stored by system and room, before being consolidated and packaged for site.

By consolidating items into individual transport packaging on a per room/system basis, we increase efficiencies when installing onsite. Equipment for each space is delivered – ready to be installed – in dedicated pallet boxes, eliminating time wasted onsite searching for equipment. This also enables our reliable just-in-time delivery policy, with equipment only arriving onsite when it is needed and with minimal waste packaging.

Installation engineering

Our teams of installation engineers are in the frontline for ensuring that our rigorous, industry-leading quality standards are adhered to. Applying their thorough industry standards training, guided by our highly experienced site managers, our teams set to work pulling cable, terminating and installing the equipment into the space. Regular structural engineering training underpins the safe and secure installation of structural supports. Cutting-edge test equipment ensures cables and terminations are proven to be sound and ready for the commissioning engineering teams to complete the integration.


Once the equipment is installed, our commissioning engineering team check that everything adheres to our exacting standards. When confirmed, they start working on the final configuration and customisation. Preconfigured audio DSP code is tweaked and honed to apply the theory to the physical space, ensuring the best possible acoustic experience for the user. Video equipment is configured and calibrated to ensure vivid colours and colour balance consistency across multiple displays. The control code is checked and tested, with any errors that may have slipped through the offsite commissioning process both identified and corrected.

Following final commissioning of all systems, the solution is rigidly tested and documented to ensure compliance with our exacting quality assurance standards, before being demonstrated to you for handover.

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Quality Assurance

We strive to provide a quality service which is valuable and meaningful to our clients. In order to guarantee this, we ensure our solutions are delivered to the highest standards and that they are serviceable, reliable and robust.

Quality of design. Quality of management. Quality of product. Quality of solution. Quality of user experience. Everything every member of our specialist teams does focuses on achieving the highest possible quality.

To achieve, monitor and maintain such premium quality standards, we implement measurable quality assurance steps and gateways, built into every stage of our process. Integrated into our Blueprint methodology, this approach ensures that all the key steps in our delivery process are monitored and peer reviewed against agreed criteria, which are constantly being assessed and refined.

Training and User Adoption

For us, handing over a well-engineered solution is not the final step in ensuring that end users gain the maximum benefit from our solution. Promoting user adoption is key to the successful deployment of any new technology solution. Which is why we put particular emphasis on ensuring a successful transition into business-as-usual.

Our dedicated transition engineering team focuses solely on project transition and end user training to promote adoption. We can implement a tailored training programme, based around your specific solution and the needs of your individual user groups. We can even add our experience and expertise to internal marketing campaigns and the production of printed and digital collateral, as required.

We also recommend a three-month user adoption review. Our team comes to see the solution in use, working alongside your end users to discuss ways in which they can maximise the benefit of the solution. This could be through tweaks or changes to the solution, or through further training and support. We are always available to support you every step of the way, ensuring you maximise the benefits of everything we do.