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, Mar 2018



The jewel in your crown. The auditorium is the centre stage for informing and impressing your audiences. Typically designed to accommodate large audiences, it should provide the ideal environment for hosting large company meetings, presentations and performances – both internally and for external hire.

Smaller briefing theatres for intimate debates and lectures. Grander multi-tiered auditoria with 1,000+ capacity for large-scale business conferences, product launches and AGMs. Whatever their size, your auditoria should provide you with a truly flexible and multi-functional presentation venues.

To ensure every event delivers maximum impact and your desired takeouts, auditoria need to feature the best in AV technology, encompassing everything from sound, lighting and projection to cameras, recording systems, on-demand streaming and more. That’s what you need. That’s what we deliver.

We even offer experienced event technicians, on hand to ensure the seamless, stress-free planning and delivery of your events.

AVMI Auditorium
AVMI_Event space


Whatever the size of each auditorium, we bring vast experience to the delivery of fully equipped, intelligently controlled, state-of-the-art AV solutions:

  • Large-scale HD displays and video walls
  • Leading-edge video and audio distribution
  • Audio and video broadcast systems
  • Digital signage and IPTV
  • Onsite event and technical support

Multiple auditoria? Our experts implement standardised designs that can be delivered in significant numbers and at speed, through our proven Enterprise Engagement model.


Looking to enhance your audiences’ experience for corporate meetings and presentations? Want to generate increased revenue through external event and conferencing services? There’s no shortage of investment cases for optimising your auditoria.

Aging technology and increasing competition holding your business back? We provide the way forward that’s right for you.

  • Transform your information presentation with powerful AV and event technology
  • Access multi-functional applications that enhance every event, from company presentation, AGMs, debates and lectures to conferences and product launches
  • Increase revenue through hire, event and conferencing services to external parties
  • Deliver the wow factor for customers, employers and partners – future-proofed for years to come
  • Be reassured by our proven record of delivering complex, technical auditoria on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders