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Regular board meetings. Important investor meetings. Convening dignitaries and clients. Whatever the specifics, your boardroom should be designed to facilitate strategic decision making at the highest level.

Mahogany tables, big leather chairs, old-school projectors and gooseneck microphones are now a dying breed. The modern boardroom is one of the most exciting and technically sophisticated spaces in today’s corporate world.

Your boardroom needs to guarantee an outstanding and intuitive experience for those all-important VIP meetings. Everyone in the room must be able to hear and see each other clearly. They also need the facilities to present and share content with ease – both in the room and with remote participants.

High-spec video walls and displays. Best-in-class ceiling and table array microphones. Whatever your technology, it must integrate seamlessly and discreetly with the clean and premium aesthetics of the room.



Whatever your requirements, we have extensive global experience of implementing state-of-the-art integrated solutions in some of the world’s most prestigious boardroom environments:

  • Video walls and LED displays that help business leaders share their ideas clearly
  • State-of-the-art audio solutions providing invisible coverage and pickup
  • Video conferencing that connects geographically dispersed, multifunctional teams
  • Control systems that help you manage every aspect of the room solution
  • Room booking systems that ensure you always have a place to meet
  • Wireless presentation systems that share content from any devices
  • Interactive whiteboards and team collaboration devices


Reduce flight and travel time. Impress clients, investors and executives. Provide intimate and immersive meeting and presentation experiences. You can do it all with the right boardroom

  • Equip your VIPs with optimised tools to seamlessly display, connect and collaborate with clients and colleagues, anywhere
  • Improve decision making with high-spec, intuitive technology
  • Use your time and money better by spending less time travelling and more time focusing on the things that matter
  • Increase your ROI throughout the year by lending the room to clients and employees for mission-critical collaboration, client, supplier and investor meetings