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Receptions & communal areas

Inform, inspire and impress visitors with the latest AV solutions


First impressions are vital and in the case of a company’s reception area this is definitely true. The decor, layout, lighting, even the room sound, all help to set the tone. AV is the perfect way to turn a passive space into a highly interactive, dynamic place that will engage your customers, employees and partners from the moment they enter your door.

Well-designed reception and common areas are a hub for collaboration and socialisation, where employees can greet clients, have impromptu meetings or simply grab a coffee. AV has the power to transform these spaces in order to inform, inspire and impress your visitors. Whether it helping people find their way with intuitive wayfinding systems, setting the mood with building-wide audio or simply blowing you clients away with high-impact video walls.


AVMI has a wealth of experience creating visually stunning and technically exciting reception and communal areas. Speak to us about how we can help you with a broad range of integrated AV solutions:

  • Video walls and interactive displays
  • Digital signage and IPTV
  • Interactive kiosks and wayfinding systems
  • Building-wide audio and paging systems

Key Benefits


If you need to create a good first impression and make your guests feel welcomed, an investment in a modernised, interactive reception can make a significant, positive impact on your business and your customers.

Speak to us to see how we can help you transform your lobby into an essential part of your business operations.

  • Instantly communicate your company’s brand, aesthetics and culture
  • Provide the wow factor for customers, employers and partners for years to come
  • Keep employees informed and on-brand with the latest corporate messaging and branded content
  • Retain and attract tenants in shared office buildings and co-working spaces
  • Create a hub where employees can collaborate and socialise