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Programme Delivery

Standards management

In establishing global AV standards for your business, our consulting team will work with you to define a catalogue of standardised solutions based on your business requirements. This may be based on an existing AVMI catalogue – saving you many months (sometimes years) of design work and testing and the associated costs and risks – or involve a bespoke catalogue of customised solutions, or a mix of both.

Once a standards-based approach is established, we continuously collect and monitor the status of change requests and review new technologies in order to ensure that the catalogue is updated to accommodate new features and to meet the evolving needs of the business, as well as to find ways to engineer costs down.

Programme planning

The process of preparing for a significant programme of works can be incredibly daunting. Questions on the wisdom of the initiative will abound: How will the established working methods of regional teams be affected? What impact will this have on legacy systems and infrastructure? How will the costs demising old systems be managed?

AVMI is with you every step of the way. Our experts in programme planning understand how even small technology changes have ripple effects throughout the organisation and the value of a detailed impact assessment. We work with you to establish the key points of engagement, model the logical technical impacts and plan the crucial stages of user adoption to prepare for success.

Programme delivery management

At AVMI we are proud of our capability to support our global clients to achieve significant global programme objectives. Working across your organisation from infrastructure to internal communications we ensure that the planned deliverable are in place at every step of the way.

Our Programme Manages are trained to deliver consistently at massive scale, coordinating all work via our online portal to provide you with live dashboard views of all ongoing activity wherever it may be, globally. With Programme Managers and technical Subject-Matter Experts based in the US, UK and Hong Kong, we are able to serve your programme requirements 24/7.