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Project Preparation



Focusing on the core business purpose of each project, our Solution Architects align your approved technology standards and implementation policies to meet every requirement.

If a strong set of standards has already been established, we review prior implementations and map the approach to the new project, pinpointing any areas that may need additional attention. If standards are less evolved, we identify other projects across the enterprise that have sought to answer the same business challenge, then apply our technical expertise to define the right standard solution for you.

In gaining an intimate understanding of your business and technology preferences, our Solutions Architects immerse themselves in your key business transformation initiatives to achieve complete clarity on the technology and infrastructure required for delivery. This ensures that we represent your vision across every programme of work.


Engaging directly with your technology leadership teams at programme level, our Enterprise Services team ensure that enterprise-wide standards are maintained throughout each project.

Understanding the need for our technology to align with your workplace and IT security constraints, our Solution Architects ensure your standards are utilised with maximum efficiency.

By taking an enterprise-wide view, we highlight the potential impacts across your organisation of project-specific technology requirements or decisions on a wider programme. Where local tactical solutions are proposed by local teams, we ensure approach consistency by briefing all relevant teams, including the project owner/sponsor, IT, facilities/real estate, architects/interior designers, furniture vendors, the main contractor and other M&E contractors.

We deliver the continuity you need to ensure that individual or regional business requests align with the standards and implementation policies required to deliver on your global programmes of work.


Each user’s experience in a room can be significantly influenced by the details of the technology implementation. The resulting impact on utilisation directly affects your return on technology investment. For example, the position of a display in relation to sunlight or prying eyes will influence just how much the technology is actually used.

Our Solution Architects use your technology standards and best design policies to establish an efficient design process that is consistently implemented. The iterative design process is delivered with rapid turnaround of draft designs and visualisations, building design consensus before progressing to more exact CAD designs and, if necessary, 3D renders.

his process outputs a detailed Scope of Work (SoW), supported by precise architectural drawings. The SoW enables local project contractors to quote and plan efficiently and accurately for the required work.



AV/VC technology. Environment design. Engineering. Local project conditions. Given their potential influence on both the day-one budget and ongoing maintenance costs, our Project Architects maintain a holistic overview across your project.

Where complex project budgets are segmented by business unit, budget holder or technology category (such as VC, networks infrastructure, AV and digital signage room booking), our Project Architects develop a rounded analysis of the full financial impact of each design iteration as they are scoped. This enables us to model the entire project and evaluate possible volume efficiencies.

The Project Architect’s cost analysis also includes a detailed assessment of the local marketplace, including the AV ecosystem of distributors, specialist AV/VC resellers, component manufacture locations, shipping routes affecting fulfilment lead-times and freight costs, local tax, and import and customs conditions affecting the price to the door. This approach helps to ensure best possible capital and operational value.


We enable you to focus on your business, not your systems. Our end-to-end approach takes care of everything. From the design and planning of your systems integration project, through defining your collaboration strategy, to developing a solutions roadmap that enables you to achieve the highest quality, reliable communication and collaboration – we provide the peace of mind that allows you to be more productive.

Working as your trusted advisors, we gain insights into your business goals to deliver the practical solutions that help drive your strategy forward. Whatever the complexity or scope of your workplace transformation projects, we build the realistic plans that ensure successful delivery.

Drawing on years of valuable knowledge and expertise, we focus on your business continuity and equipping you with effective support. Our assessments cover the system design, aesthetics and overall infrastructure of every project. This forms the basis of our careful design and implementation processes, delivering the highest standards of performance and innovation.

Our top-tier accreditation with most market-leading manufacturers enables us to guide you through the maze of options, ensuring you get the right solution at the very best price.

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Aligning people, space and technology. Operating across the full AV spectrum – combining technical, spatial and operational AV design – and working closely with acoustic, lighting and furniture designers, we deliver fully integrated workplace solutions.

Space layout. Furniture integration. Acoustics. Lighting. Our Solution Architects advise on everything that ensures your systems are both architecturally integrated and technically robust. Our user-centric design philosophy, underpinned by our high quality support wherever you operate, helps deliver a superior experience for all your users. We maximise user adoption and deliver tangible improvements in collaboration and productivity.

Acting as the interface between your IT, real estate and design teams, we ensure that all technology requirements are met within the overall programme. We also address the needs of all stakeholder groups when planning a new AV implementation, removing any barriers to successful and rapid deployment


  • Drive standards adherence through Enterprise Engagement that enables you to provide the required standards knowhow to local project teams who may otherwise lack familiarity with them
  • Secure stakeholder buy-in with 3D renders for easy visualisation of each scenario
  • Avoid costly mistakes by establishing checks and balances for each stage of the entire process
  • Minimise disruption and maintain standards with work harmonisation across other projects, such as major building works
  • Easily examine value and pricing with transparent charging, rather than costs being bundled in with hardware prices
  • Gain important data for other services with information collected during this stage of your project often being valuable for Build Management and System Support, such as checking on components if replacements are required
  • Access the best prices and services available with the option to use different suppliers for hardware and engineering resources